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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Testimonial: Bulletproof Knees

Back in town and back in action next week. For now, here's a testimonial I received the other day.


Thanks to your BPK program along with some serious ART, I'm happy to inform you that I've avoided meniscus surgery and my knee is at least 70-80% better! My ART practitioner freed up some of the scar tissue that I had on the front of my knee and behind it, bringing me close to pre-pain levels. While there is still some pain, I'm going to resume my ART treatments in a few months to really hammer away at the remainder of the problem, but in the mean time I will continue foam rolling and mobility work outlined in your BPK manual and M2 DVD.

Seriously Mike - thank you. I thought my dreams of being a competitive athlete were over before they even got started, but now that I'm relatively pain free I'm going to continue pushing towards my goals.

All the best,
Roger Lawson

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