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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mike's Day

We'll divert from our usual blog format to give you guys a little insight as to what an average day looks like for me. Ok, maybe it's not average but it's what I've done today.

Today is a pretty light day w/regards to clients; I've founded our busiest days are M-W-F-Sa. Typically I get a session in on Thursday mornings, but I was up late last night and wanted some people to train with, so I'll get today's session in tomorrow morning.

Instead, I headed in to the gym early to get to work. I'm currently working on refining our systems, and making sure everything is in order as I-FAST is continuing to steadily grow. It's not nearly as sexy as helping someone get healthy or squat 5 bills, but it's something that needs to be done to ensure the business runs as smoothly as possible, both now and in the future. Bill and I are also working on finishing up our 2nd big marketing campaign, so that will be sent to the printer later this afternoon.

Today has also been a huge day for writing. I'm getting to the point now where if I outline something beforehand, my brain basically writes before I ever sit at a computer! This is making me much more efficient, and today I typed up an 5 page article (~2000 words) in 50 minutes.

After a quick lunch and coffeebreak I returned to work on my big project. Yes, it's big. No, I won't tell you much about it. Needless to say I would consider it 25-30% done and it's already 90 pages worth of content. And just to piss off the pundits everything is single-spaced, 12 point font, etc. I want this to be the resource of its kind. I can guarantee it won't be perfect, but I'm going to do my damndest(?) to put something special together. I hope you'll enjoy it when the time comes.

My bridal boot camp couple is coming in later this evening, and I'll be up in the early AM to get a pulling session in tomorrow. I haven't updated the training blog much lately, but things are actually going pretty well. If I weren't sitting so much lately I would like to think that I'm about the most healthy, and strongest, I've been in quite some time. I need to continue on this path and see where it takes me.

Stay strong


Jeff said...

Can't wait for the new product Mike. I also enjoy listen to your thoughts on the strengthcoach and fitcast.
I am glad you are healthy and strong because on Sunday the Pack will healthy and strong beating the Colts.


Gerkin said...

New product... THE resource...

Mike, I'm shaking.