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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Building the Efficient Athlete:
This is a must for anyone looking to work with athletes or general fitness. Mike and Eric do a great job of addressing functional anatomy/biomechanics and various assements that can be done to help the trainer design better programs. This product should be in any serious trainers library

Magnificiant Mobility:
Great DVD outlining various dynamic flexibility exercise that could be included any client warm-ups to give them great results for improving their mobility and function. This DVD gives you a lot of great ideas to include in getting your clients ready to workout, while improving on an often neglected part of many client workouts - utilizing the warm-up.

Inside Out:
Great DVD going over various exercises to help improve upper body mobility, especially thoracic spine and scapula. This DVD outlines some great exercises that are often overlooked and not addressed in many programs. This DVD should be in any trainers toolbox - outstanding product.

Keep turning out these great products!


Jeff Fellure, MS, CSCS, PES
Performance Enhancement Director
Results By Design, LLC

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