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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How to spend $60 on a training session WITHOUT a trainer

I was reminded of a funny story yesterday - my first experience with "commercial" gyms.

While at Ball State, and then later while I lived in Ft. Wayne, I had always trained in powerlifting facilities. However, when I first moved to Indianapolis I didn't have a place to train, so I set out to find the most "normal" commercial facility that I could. After checking out several places, I finally ended up at Gold's Gym. They had decent equipment: a squat rack, a place to deadlift, etc. Basically, everything I thought I'd need.

So I go in on a Tuesday and sign my paperwork. I remember the total was ~$60 for the first month. Tuesday's for me (at the time) were squat days, so it was all business when I entered the gym. I go through my dynamic warm-up, and I'm feeling pretty good. I throw on my knee sleeves and squat shoes, and next thing I know I see the gym attendant walking my way. I'm thinking to myself, "What could I have done - I just friggin' signed up and I haven't even trained yet?!?!?!" Here's how the conversation went:

Attendant: Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Me: Ummm, why?

Attendant: Well, this isn't my real job. I actually cut meat at Meijer for a living. The guy who was supposed to come in next cancelled so I have to close the gym. (Note: A guy in the back is now turning off all the TV's.)

Me: So I just paid $60 to sign-up for a gym and I can't work out?

Attendant: Yes, I'm sorry.

So as I start to pack everything up, luckily the next guy shows up and I get my squat session in. But it gets better.

Fast forward one day - I go back in on Wednesday to do my bench session, and there's a big sign on the door. It read something like this:

"We're very sorry, but Gold's Gym is now officially closed. Thank you for your patronage over the years."

And that's how I spent $60 on one training session WITHOUT a trainer.

Stay strong

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