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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cut your calories in that coffee

I like coffee.

Ok, I don't just like - I love it. It may piss my wife off, but hey, I could have worse habits! ;)

Here are some simple, yet effective, tips to cut calories while simultaneously keeping your body fat in check.

1 - You could always drink black coffee, as it has very few calories. But that's so 1990.

2 - If you're more interested in the mocha-mocha latte from Starbucks, Caribou, or an independent local chain, follow these simple steps to slash calories:

- If you haven't already, switch from regular/2% milk to skim milk. This step alone makes a HUGE difference.

- Try cutting down on the actual milk in the product; for instance, switch from a Venti to a Tall but keep the same number of espresso shots. You'll maintain the caffeine you've come to grow and love, while decreasing the milk (and therefore, the calories).

- Switch from traditional syrup to sugar-free varieties. I don't really like either in large quantities, so I only get one pump of flavoring in my drinks. Again, this could drastically change the amount of sugar and excess calories you are taking in.

- If all else fails, drink the espresso straight up or get an Americano (water + espresso).

The jury may still be out on the pros/cons of coffee consumption, but these simple tips can help you cut the calorie content while still enjoying your favorite beverages.

Stay strong

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