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Monday, February 11, 2008

Congrats UHS girls b-ball!

I'd like to take the time in this blog post to congratulate the University High School girls basketball team. Ranked in the Top 10 of 1A basketball for the majority of the year, they absolutely dominated their sectional games.

In their first game (they had a bye), they won 77-11. The following night in the sectional championship, they won by a staggering 36 points! I've watched a lot of basketball in my day, and their first quarter was some of the best team basketball I've ever seen. Great ball movement, passing, and a stifling defense helped them sprint out to a 22-0 score by the end of the first quarter. Needless to say, this crushed the will of the other team, as they were visibly deflated after that.

Here's the link to recap their season:


These girls have played at a consistently high level all year. There were several games against bigger schools (2A and 3A size) that they might have won had it not been for a few possessions. With the core of the team being sophomores and juniors, I expect big things out of our team this weekend going into regionals. Obviously, next year the sky's the limit as well.

Great job ladies and keep up the good work!

Stay strong

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