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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Random thoughts...

Today has been totally random so far, so here are some random thoughts on my end:

- Congrats again to the UHS girls b-ball team. They gave a gutty performance in game 1 of their regional, falling behind 27-14 in the second quarter. The other team simply could not miss from three point range! They weathered the storm, made a few key runs of their own, and won the first game 61-53 (or something like that).

I didn't get to attend the evening game (I went to IU vs. MSU), but it wasn't even close - I heard it was a 20 point win. Congrats ladies!

The next opponent is a good one - the 4th ranked team in 1A, but I feel like our girls are coming together at the perfect time. More importantly, they can play at a speed and intensity level that wears on girls over the course of the game. Good luck this weekend girls, and if you win I'll be at state!

- No one should ever travel with me; every time I try to get on a plane there's a delay.

- I think people are starting to figure out this whole warm-up/mobility thing, now if they could only fix their programs!

We all know the first exercise may be the most important; here are some first exercise selections I saw in the gym today:

Curls on a bosu ball
Seated hip abductor machine
Machine preacher curls

Hell, I'd rather see someone bench - at least it would be a compound movement!

That's it for now. As many of you know I'm on my way to Australia today, so I'll do my best to blog from the road. I even have the digital camera to help chronicle my trip, so we'll see if I can't git-r-done!

Stay strong

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