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Friday, March 9, 2007

More updates

- I just sent my Bulletproof Knees manual off to my copy editor for the second revision. Barring any major setbacks, this thing is getting close!

- I'm working on a project that's going to be exclusive to my newsletter subscribers. I'm still gauging interest from fellow fitness professionals, but if I can pull this off it's going to kick some serious ass. If you're not signed up, get to it ASAP at www.RobertsonTrainingSystems.com

Other than that, training continues to go well. It's been an unload week, and with it the concomitant feelings of boredom and lethargy. I think I'm starting to see some abs, though, so that's a definite bonus!

Most importantly, I'm glad I've been getting to blog a little more lately. I really enjoy it, and I have a ton of material to work through in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for a special update on the Justin Ware Project as well!

Have a great weekend.

Stay strong

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