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Friday, March 23, 2007

It's not THEIR FAULT...

In my old age I'm trying to become more tolerant; to try and see other people's point of view as well as I see my own. It's not easy, but at least I'm trying!

One excuse that I hear all the time, though, and I still can't understand is this:

"It's not their fault they eat the way they do, they have kids."

Now let me preface this by saying I do not have kids yet, so maybe I'm just speaking from my soap box. But think about this...

I understand that kids want to eat certain things that aren't healthy for them; as a kid I often remember eating gummi bears and drinking soda pop for lunch! But here's a question you need to ask yourself if you find yourself in this situation:

Who taught your kids to eat unhealthy items in the first place?

If YOU are the one that taught them these poor dietary habits in the first place, then you have created your own monster. Kids don't have much choice as to what they eat; YOU choose for them. So if YOU are choosing hamburgers, french fries, soda pop and milkshakes, it's YOUR fault that they've chosen to like those foods.

As well, when you go grocery shopping, YOU choose what goes into your cupboard or refrigerator. If you choose Cheese-It's, cold mocha-lattes and turtle cheesecake, please don't blame it on the kids - they only like it because YOU TAUGHT THEM TO LIKE IT!

Just a little food for thought - in our excuse heavy society, I consider it a goal to find better coping strategies rather than better excuses.

I'm putting on a training seminar in Ft. Wayne tomorrow, so I'll be sure to write-up a full recap later this week. Have a great weekend and train hard!

Stay strong


Franz Snideman said...

Hey Mike,

I really liked your article on T-nation "Hip Don't lie; fixing your force couples." I am very familiar with Paul Chek's info as I went through his system for many years. Although I don't agree with alot of Paul's CORE trianing concepts, his basic premise of fixing pelvic alignment and posture is right on.

Great article!

Jeff Pruitt said...

I really enjoyed the seminar and am looking forward to reading your recap...