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Monday, January 14, 2008

Testimonial: Magnificent Mobility

Some time ago I purchased Magnificent Mobility. At that time I was in the process of slef-rehabbing an SI joint injury that had occured due to imbalances generated by a previous right side QL strain.

I had seen a number of physiotherapists over a 2 year period to fix these imbalances and all I received was stretching exercises and advice to do nothing strenuous until
it healed. Unfortunately the body is a complex machine that will adapt to whatever is thrown at it. Their advice and incorrect programming resulted in six months of zero progress. I would wake every morning being unable to tie my shoelaces, I had difficulty getting out of bed, and everything was a struggle.

After doing some research of my own, I came across Magnificent Mobility. The production levels within the video are as good as any instructional I have seen, the instruction is clear and precise, without being clinical. Most importantly, the exercises contained within MM really helped with the healing process. After a month of practice, combined with some very easy bodyweight only squats on a regular basis, my range of motion returned to pre-injury levels. I no longer had problems getting out of bed in the morning and I could finally return to pre-injury life.

Since returning to training I have found that regular use of the exercises during warmups has helped me quickly move beyond my previous strength and conditioning levels. I was amazed at how quickly I responded what seemed to be very simple drills. The biggest kick out of this was not being able to train again, or return to the martial arts that I had missed for so long, it was the simple things - bringing the shopping in from the car, being able to pick my daughter up without massive back/hip pain and being able to easily get down on the floor to play.

It is impossible to place a value on mobility: MM is a genuine bargain. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Craig Dollin

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