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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Developing your philosophy

Right now I’ve basically completed all the “content” for my Australian seminars. What I’ve done is create four PowerPoint’s that will serve as the course material. Here are the topics:

- Introduction and 21st Century Core Training
- Optimizing Upper Extremity Biomechanics
- Bulletproof Knees
- Program Design

My goal is to give all the attendees an idea of my training philosophy and the art/science behind it.

I would suggest that anyone who wants to become a better coach go through this at some point in time. As clear as I thought my philosophies were, it gives you a new level of clarity when you have to write everything out and explain it coherently to an audience. Why do you prefer certain exercises? Why do you include certain modalities? What are your core thoughts on training for the various parts of the body?

Many people on the ‘net are more than willing to poke holes in your philosophy, while they don’t even have a philosophy themselves! It may sound easy at first, but when you really try to sort out each and every step of your training program, it gives you new found perspective. Quite often we make corrections and do things on the fly, without a lot of regard as to “why” they work.

In my estimation, being able to explain the “how’s” AND the “why’s” is an integral part of your learning curve. If you can’t communicate your thoughts to others (be they seminar attendees or clients/athletes), good luck getting them to buy into your methods.

Stay strong

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