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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random thoughts...

Pretty busy this week, but here are some random thoughts:

- My lovely wife Jess had foot surgery yesterday. Please keep her in your thoughts.

- I'm getting prepped for the Aussie seminars and things are going well. Two six hour days back-to-back is going to kick my ass though!

- Leaving Australia at noon on a Tuesday and getting back to Indianapolis at 6 pm on Tuesday is the closest thing I'll ever get to time travel.

- My upcoming newsletter interview with Michael Boyle is going to be excellent. If you aren't already signed up, go to my home page and do so now!

- Tony Gentilcore and Eric Cressey both had articles go up at T-Nation in the past week, and both are quite good. Check them out.

- It's fitting that Eric and Tony's article go up in the same week; the only thing more appropriate would be if they went up on the same day, since they do everything else together!

- Front squatting for months at a time makes for a great front squat. Not so great for the back squat, though.

- I'm tired of the cold.

That's all; have a great day!

Stay strong

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