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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Body Part Split

If you're reading my blog, I hope the title alone sparks a little bit of rage.

I was talking with my good friend and trainer Alwyn Cosgrove today, and the topic of bodypart splits came up. I was reviewing the marketing materials of the "Best Trainer in Indianapolis" (self-proclaimed), and she mentioned her ideal way to get into great shape was a body part split! At least she gave legs their own day ;)

I guess I forget, sometimes, that people actually train this way. The bigger question is, how can we get the word out that this isn't the optimal way to train? It's hard enough to convince a new trainee that this isn't the way to train, so what chance do we have when other trainers are espousing this archaic way of training?

For every great site like T-nation, muscle rags are getting 10x the exposure by being in your face at the grocery, at the bookstore, and everywhere in between.

Quite simply, it's going to take a LONG time before people figure out that body part splits are far from ideal - especially for the casual gym goer who simply wants to lose body fat or add some muscle mass.

Stay strong

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