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Monday, September 22, 2008

Q&A: Hip Flexor Stretches


I finally saved up enough money to get the Bulletproof Knees Manual and DVD and I'm excited about starting b/c I've been dealing w/ knee issues now for 6 months.

I have anterior knee pain (likely chondromalacia patella) and all the hip flexor stretches you describe are in a half kneeling position. This aggravates my pain b/c my patella is being compressed into the ground and I've tried using a towel and a pad but it's still aggravating.

Do you have any suggestions for effective hip flexor stretches where I don't have to be in half kneeling position?

Thanks a lot,


Nolan -

That's a great question; here's a stretch you can use to get at those hip flexors without putting you in the half-kneeling/split-stance position.

You'll need to lay on either a massage table, bed, or something of a similar height. Pull one knee to your chest, while allowing the opposite leg to hang down over the table. Make sure to keep your stomach tight, and it may help to think about using your glute to "pull" your hip down.

I hope this helps - good luck with the program!

Stay strong

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