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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mike's Random FOOTBALL Thoughts

What can I say? The ADD is kicking back in - so I'm going to throw it down on the topic of everyone's favorite sport, FOOTBALL.

- Come on, you know I'm going to talk about the Colts first! If we can get our lines healthy this will be a team to be reckoned with. Peyton pulled together a gutsy performance down the stretch, and some of those throws (and catches) were sick!

- Adrian Peterson is a beast. Yes, everyone knows this - but most people would run around all the bodies on the field, this guy just jumps over them! If he goes to the Marion Barber school of stiff-arms in the off-season, he could re-write the record books. Seriously.

- Did anyone else watch the Dallas - Philly game last night? Talk about exciting! There was more action in the first half than the entire Indy-Minnesota game!

- Speaking of the Philly game, DeSean Jackson just missed out on ultimate goat status - get the ball in the endzone and then do your little jig!

- The Patriots just find ways to win. It could be because (*cough*) they (*cough cough*) have the best (*cough*) coach in the league.

Yeah, it hurts to say that, but they always seem to impose their will on other teams. Indy - New England just won't be the same without Brady in the lineup, but I still expect a helluva game.

- There is no worse feeling in Fantasy Football than outscoring virtually other team in the league except the one you are playing. Damn you Anquan Boldin!

- More fantasy related news - how can your kicker and your tight end collectively score you zero points? Damn you Shane Graham and Vernon Davis!!!!

- How deep was San Diego at tailback last year? Ok, you have LT - great. But then Michael Turner goes to Atlanta and rushes for 200+ his first game as a starter. LT goes out this past weekend? No problem, we have Darren Sproles who will slice-and-dice your entire D. That's just not right.

- If you are a Rams fan, I'm sorry. That's all.

- I think some teams are really kicking themselves for passing on Jay Cutler. He's had two really good games thus far and may very well turn out to be the best quarterback in that draft.

- Indy is home to our division rival Jacksonville this weekend. Unfortunately, I won't be attendance because I'll be finishing up my weekend in Las Vegas, but this is a dangerous game. 0-2 would suck, but 1-2 isn't much better - and I can guarantee Jacksonville will be playing with a sense of urgency because 0-3 could be catastrophic to their team. If Saturday and Clark are back, we should be fine. However, we still don't have any updates on Sanders or Ugoh, so we're all hoping those injuries are minor.

Ok, that's enough from me for today - here's to a great weekend of football and GO COLTS!


1 comment:

Dan said...

Just because Belichick knows which camera is top of the line doesn't make him the best coach in the league. Until I see otherwise, I blame all Patriot wins on witchcraft.