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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Success Stories: The Skinfold

On the personal front, here are my old and new skinfold test results. From 6/5/07 (I can't remember how long I'd been training with you, but it wasn't more than a month at that point.) to tonight 8/28/07. The first measurement was taken in the morning, and this one at 7pm, which means my numbers could actually be more impressive if I had taken them in the morning again.


Chest- 19/11
mid axillary - 22/11.6
Sub scapular - 21.3/16
tricep - 27.6/16.3
abdominal - 33.6/22
supraillium - 33.3/18.6
thigh - 26/13.3

bodyweight 177.2/170.2

Body Fat % - 22%/15.1%

So that means I lost 15.9lbs of fat and gained 8.9lbs of lean body mass.

Thank you so much for your help, and as soon as financial aid comes in, I'll be contacting you again.

T. Grandstrand

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