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Monday, September 10, 2007

Bullet Proof Knees: The ACL Tear

For an athlete with a slight ACL tear, what would be the protocol? What to avoid, what to do, what if we also have some mcl and medial menicus in it? Again, we're talking about something at a low degree. My guess is "Everything from the Bulletproof Knees article", but just asking if there's anything else ;)

It's going to be pretty hard to do further damage to your ACL in the weight room. If you're playing sports and don't want to risk it, I would stop immediately until things get cleared up. Obviously you want to do a ton of posterior chain strengthening work as well.

If you truly have issues going on with all three structures (ACL, MCL, and medial mensicus) you need to get it checked out by a qualified ortho. If any of these issues are leading to decreased stability, you're leaving yourself open to increased risk/onset of osteoarthritis.

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