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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Addressing the Lordotic Posture

I have a lordotic posture and unable to achieve pelvic neutral with tight hip flexors and active back extensors, core strength is good, could I utilize any exercises from Magnificent Mobility, Inside-Out, and Building The Efficient Athlete to help the above?

Magnificent Mobility
Pull-back butt kicks
Glute bridges
Mini-band walks
Warrior Lunges
Walking Spidermen

Mike, checked out the lovely Blood on the Barbell program, as a raw beginner,what are your best basic exercises needed to gain adequate strength base or would one need to have a coach learn perhaps all the exercise assessments or maybe all the structural balance listed from BTEA in order to interprate a similar program for beginners?

It's great to have a coach/trainer evaluate you in the beginning, but you still need a basic strength base to see progress. Unless you have a specific pathology that needs to be addressed, stick to the basics (squat, bench, deadlifts, push-ups, lunges, pull-ups, etc.) and you should see plenty of progress.

what exercises should a trainer teach me to get wet with as a beginner?

See above

Basically, of alot changes happened over time such as staying away from sit ups but sticking with reverse crunches that puts people off, please can you tell me if curl ups,toes to sky variations (reverse curls),thin tummies,hip extensions, wide grip bench presses are any good exercise now?

I'm not familiar with all those exercises - just remember that while there are good and bad exercises, you need to qualify the exercise to the individual, not vice versa. What's great for one person and their goals is terrible for another.

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