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Thursday, March 27, 2008

More random thoughts...

With all this low carb dieting I'm having some issues putting together coherent thoughts. Anyway, here are some more random musings from the past couple of days.

- I'm REALLY looking forward to the Indy Seminar. Obviously I love speaking/presenting, but I'm also really looking forward to Bill's presentations. We discussed a lot of his material the other day, and I think it's really going to shed some light on how best to apply various assessment and flexibility methods.

- We've got some really great interviewees lined up for the newsletter. These include Bill, Eric Cressey, bench press specialist Scott Lade, nutrition expert Cassandra Forsythe and a host of others. Stay tuned!

- I've been working really hard with my soccer guys at University, and they are starting to come around. Technique is getting better, weights are going up, the works. I'm even doing something different this time - I had them box squat for ~2 months to initate with the hips, keep the chest up, etc. This week, we've taken the box out to try and get better depth overall.

I must admit, they did REALLY well with it the other day. I'll be interested to see how it holds up over time, but this may be the way I do things going forward. We'll see....

Stay strong

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