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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Continuing Education

Last night I was reviewing an old SWIS DVD that featured Mark Phillipi and Ed Coan. Needless to say, these guys know their stuff!

A few interesting nuggets from the presentation (I'm about 1/2 way through):

- Mark is a big believer in both single-leg lifts, AND not missing lifts. It always feels good to have your own beliefs validated by someone stronger and more knowledgable than you. I think everyone who strength trains should be doing single-leg lifts in their programming. As well, I've long advocated not missing reps - I think it's very hard on the body and the mind as well.

- Who did I see in the background? The one and only Michael Boyle. If arguably the greatest strength coach in the world can attend seminars year round, why can't you?

If you haven't signed up already, be sure to check out Bill and I's Indy Seminar in May. Should be a great time!

Stay strong

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