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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Towel Work for "Dad" Forearms

Let’s face it: No matter how wimpy some older men may seem, most all of them have what you call “Dad” forearms. These puppies were built working on cars, doing heavy labor, and other “Dad” activities.

A simple yet effective way to develop some “Dad” forearms is to add towel work during some of your back workouts. Use chinning as an example: Wrap two towels around a chinning bar at a position where your hands would normally go. Now, crush the towels with your grip and proceed to do your set. You’ll find not only do you get a great forearm and back workout, but you’ll also fall victim to “The Claw.” “The Claw” is the position that your fingers and hands are left in following the set, because they simply refuse to relax!

If towel chins are too difficult, you can always start off with exercises such as seated rows, chest-supported rows, supine rows, etc. So go out, get some towels, and start developing those “Dad” forearms

Mike Robertson

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