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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Do Less, BETTER!

My good friend Jimmy Smith and I were talking recently about the trend to continue "learning" more. For fitness professionals, it's key to our growth - if you don't continue learning, you'll definitely be left behind.

But at some point, we need to remember the basics.

In our rush to learn more, I think we forget to use or implement the things that WE KNOW work. With the fitness industry ever evolving, there's a tedency to become caught up in all the hype, the new trends, the newest findings. Whatever happened to just getting under the bar and squatting to get stronger?

When it comes down to basics, think super simple - like this:

Don't we know that if our posture is jacked-up we need to fix it?

Don't we know if we want to get stronger we need to keep adding weight to the bar?

Don't we know if we want to lose fat we need to dial-in our diet, build muscle and crank up the intensity of our training?

Keep learning - but don't forget that you already know quite a bit. If you're one of those people who is constantly spinning their wheels looking for the next great diet, routine, or the ever popular "missing link," chances are you'll never make significant improvements to your strength and physique.

When in doubt:

- Step back and see what in your program you can make simpler
- Apply the basic principles that YOU KNOW work
- Train hard and achieve your goals

Mike Robertson

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