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Monday, August 6, 2007

Shut Up and Lunge!

The lunge is one of the best exercises you can do in the gym. Whether your goal is improved performance, wheels of steel, or a bigger total, lunges can help get you there. Lunges are great for balancing strength between legs and developing the entire thigh, plus they lend themselves well to progression methods. Just do them!

(And if you don't know how to lunge, be sure to check out the Building the Efficient Athlete DVD series - where Eric and I depict how to perform over 30 common weight training exercises!).

Just wanted to let you guys know that I have had excellent results utilizing
the information from several of your training products.

As a police officer I work long shifts and my body is often placed under
additional stress from the extra weight that I carry around on my duty belt
and body armour (which can weigh from 10 to 20 lbs). I found that with
work and physical training combined I was beginning to suffer lower back
pain along with tight hamstrings which only compounded the problem. I
tried lots of different stretching to try to loosen the problematic areas,
but it never really seemed to make much difference. It didn't matter how
much I stretched my hamstrings they never seemed to loosen up. I then
purchased both the Magnificent Mobility DVD and the Inside-Out DVD.

After using both these dvd's I began to feel much better and my overall
mobility/flexibility was much improved.

With the success I gained from those DVD's I ended up purchasing "Building
the Efficient Athlete
" DVD and "Bullet Proof Knees" DVD. I bought the DVD's
to learn more about how the body works and to try to improve on some
imbalances that I had and to try to prevent any future problems from

I soon realized that my tight hamstrings were the result of bad posture
problems from a pelvic tilt issue. Stretching my hamstrings was the exact
opposite of what I should have been doing. Instead I learned that I needed
to focus on loosening up the quads and hips more and actually strengthening
the hamstrings. Since making adjustments to my training and doing more
mobility stretching and foam rolling I have been able to alleviate most of
the problems I was developing and no longer suffer the back pain and tight
hamstrings that I used to have to endure.

I believe the above products that Mike Robertson, Eric Cressey and Bill
Hartman produced are a must for anyone who is serious about sports, about
training, and about improving themselves. The DVD's will teach you some
functional aspects of anatomy, but more importantly they will teach you new
ways of thinking that will help you to assess problematic areas. The DVD's
will also provide you with the knowledge to improve the way your own body

I have had great success from these four products and would definitely
recommend them to anyone who's been plagued with nagging injuries, tightness
in their bodies or for those who would like to make their bodies more
efficient and possibly prevent injuries in the future.


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