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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"There's Nothing New Here"

I HATE IT when people say that.

I know, I know - hate is a strong word. But this is one statement that I can't stand.

Why do people always assume that if something isn't NEW, it's not useful? Could it be that we already have access to tons of answers, but we aren't applying the skills or concepts correctly?

In all honesty, I feel like the people that are always looking for "something new" are really missing the boat. They're so caught up in learning something new, trendy or that shows off their "knowledge," they probably aren't getting the most out of what they already know.

Next time you read an article, attend a seminar, or purchase a fitness info product, forget about finding something new. If you should in fact find something new, GREAT! But if not, don't worry about it. Instead, focus on taking what you've learned and applying it more appropriately into your current regimen. Quite often, you'll find a lot of the tools are already in your toolbox - but maybe you're using the wrong tool for the job. After all, a screwdriver does a great job of inserting screws, but it does a crappy job of driving nails!

Sometimes it's not about finding a better tool, but becoming more skilled with the tools you already own.

Stay strong

1 comment:

Franz Snideman said...

Nice post Mike. I have experienced the same thing. People always want new things but the problem is they have never mastered the basics.