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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

JW Front Squat

Instead of writing something inspirational today, I thought I'd throw up some training clips of myself and my buddy Justin Ware.

Justin has been a trooper - 6 months ago he was on his way to a rotator cuff or labral tear, or maybe just some serious lower extremity issues. He talked to Bill Hartman (who has fixed up his upper body) and me (who fixed up his lower body).

Justin couldn't squat to save his life. His hip and ankle mobility was terrible, and he was actually getting numbness and tingling in his legs just from sitting!

We employed a basic plan to get him moving better - tons of soft tissue work, acute corrective static stretching, and basic mobility drills. As you can tell from this video (his first time squatting in over 6 months) he's got a little way to go, but that's a damn good front squat
without heels!

Start squatting like Justin - check out Magnificent Mobility today!

Keep training hard

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