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Monday, April 30, 2007

Lots of Learning Coming up!!!

While some people consider me an "expert" in the field (whatever that means), one thing that I love to do is to continue learning. I actually just got back from the Z-Health certification seminar last weekend, and next week I'll actually be attending two seminars in one week!

The first is the Biosignature modulation course at the Poliquin Performance Center. Mike Bystol is a great guy and offered me up free attendance, so I couldn't refuse! As the fat-loss industry grows, if you're not continually learning about what get results you're selling yourself and your clients short.

That weekend I'll be in Chicago (AGAIN!) for the Perform Better seminar. Needless to say, I'm really stoked for this seminar - even though I've had the privilege of hearing guys like Eric Cressey, Alwyn Cosgrove and Mike Boyle speak numerous times, you always take something new away from their lectures. Stuart McGill is also speaking this weekend, and as many of you already know I'm a big believer in his work. Finally, as I've said time again, you learn more OUTSIDE of the seminars when you're talking shop than you do while listening to a pre-planned presentation.

If you're in attendance at either of these seminars, stop by and say hi!

Stay strong

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