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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Great weekend at the Z-Health seminar

Again, a little delay in the posts - but I promise I've been busy!

I just returned from the second weekend of the Z-Health R-Phase certification. I can honestly say that Dr. Cobb and Kathy are two of the most down to earth and gracious people I know. They have a great way of teaching their concepts and helping everyone understand how to better teach and coach the drills. This would be moot, though, withut at least mentioning the rest of my NC crew - Bobby, Katie, Reggie, Connie, Geoff, Courtney and Raymer. I really enjoy the area and I'd love to take the I-Phase Certification next year as well. You guys all rock!

Now, I need to make some time for myself and figure out how all this fits into what I'm already doing. I've had great success using my system thus far, but I'm also not one to rest on my laurels - there are powerful tools here that I need to start incorporating into my programming. I guess only time will tell, but I think there's a lot of merit to what Dr. Cobb is doing.

Stay strong

1 comment:

Mike T Nelson said...

Glad it was useful for you!
The Z Health system is AMAZING! I love it.
Too bad I could not join in again for the second weekend in NC as I was gone on vacation.
Yep, all of them are great people.
Take care!
Mike T. Nelson