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Friday, December 12, 2008

Flu-ridden Friday

Sorry for the slow blog menu this week, but there have been better weeks for Team Robertson. I've had the flu off and on for the entire week, with Thursday being an amazing day where I spent an astounding 19/24 hours in my own bed! Even by my own standards, that's impressive.

With that being said, let's have a few quick hit thoughts for the blog and call it a weekend, okay?

- Tuesday night my wife had to work late, so I got to refamiliarize myself with one of the greatest movies of all-time: Conan the Barbarian. I mean does it get any better than bloodshed, mayhem, and Arnold all in one movie? I don't even consider myself an "arms" guy, but Arnold was one proportional, well-built mofo.

- On Monday our gym will be featured on the fitness segment of Fox 59's newscast. Obviously, this is pretty cool! We'll mostly be discussing the gym and the non-traditional cardio workouts we use (Prowler, dragging sleds, kettlebells, med balls, etc.)

- I plan on doing absolutely nothing this weekend, just in case you cared ;)

I told you it was quick hit today - we'll be back in action next week with some serious content. Have a great weekend!



Roland said...

Hope you're back to 100% for the show on Monday!

Hopefully you have a techy friend who can figure out a way to get in onto youtube to share on your blog.

I love Conan. Can you really get ript abz by pushing that wheel around? Sweet!

Mike Robertson said...

Yep - I was all good today! I will definitely keep everyone posted - I'm sure there's a way to get it up here, but it actually won't run until tomorrow so you'll have to wait!

The key to ript abz is the Conan's Wheel + lots of dead animal flesh. And fighting in a small stone cage against other random folks ;)