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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Always Finish With the Butt

Q: I've read your High Performance Core Training article, and I'm pretty sure that my lower back and core are my biggest weak spots. So now I'm wondering if I should avoid other hamstring related leg movements altogether when beginning this program?

Also, I'm thinking about doing higher rep pull-throughs and single leg dumbbell deadlifts, along with the other lifts you suggested, but how much time do you think I should take before getting back into heavy deadlifting?

A: This is tricky, because you want strong hamstrings, especially if you're in anterior tilt. The abs, glutes, and hamstrings work together to posteriorly tilt the pelvis. The problem arises when the hamstrings become your primary hip extensor, rather than your gluteus.

Here's how I determine how heavy to go on posterior chain movements: if I can finish the lift with my glutes (e.g. hip extension) rather than my back (lumbar hyperextension or just trunk extension), then it's a good weight. If I have to use my back rather than my ass to finish the movement, I've gone too heavy, and have shut my glutes down.

So to answer your second question, you don't have to take any time off at all: you can still pull, do good mornings, RDL's, and pull-throughs, as long as you're using your glutes to produce the movement.

Mike Robertson

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