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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Program Design and Technique

One concept I keep coming back to is this: What’s more important, good programming or good program design?

On one hand, a good program is critical. If you have excellent form on the wrong exercises, you’re going to be consistently spinning your wheels; you’ll either make no progress, or worse yet, get injured.

On the other hand, technique is every bit as important. You could have the most amazing program in the world, geared 100% towards your every ache, pain and inefficiency. But if you perform that routine with bad technique, you’re every bit as likely to get, or stay, injured.

Program design comes down to equal parts art and science. You have to know the science to be able to utilize the art.

Technique refinement is a dynamic process – no matter how long you’ve lifted, you’ll always be refining technique.

The sooner you respect and understand the importance of each, the faster you’ll reach your training related goals.

Mike Robertson

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