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Friday, July 13, 2007

LiftStrong Friday #2 – Spotting an Expert by Adam Campbell

In this edition of LiftStrong Friday, I’m going to review Adam Campbell’s article entitled “Spotting an Expert.” If you don’t know who Adam is, he’s the health/fitness editor of Men’s Health magazine, and by all accounts a great guy.

The premise of Adam’s article is explaining how he spots an expert for his magazine. He outlines an instance when he met Alwyn and before he sat down, Alwyn had already spotted a previously injured area and explained how his body was compensating!

In lieu of all the recent blowback surrounding the term “experts,” it was quite refreshing to read this piece. Adam does a great job of defining what he considers an expert, and I agree with him wholeheartedly. While many are quick to label me as an “expert” because I lift a certain amount of weight, write for a certain magazine, etc., you may be interested to know I don’t consider myself an expert on any topic. Here are just a few examples:

- I think I know a lot about the topic of mobility – then I met Dr. Eric Cobb, who has developed an entire mobility system and teaches about it on a weekly basis.

- I think I know a lot about knees and keeping them healthy – then I met Dr. Shelbourne who has been operating on knees for approximately 25 years, and he was the Colts team doc for 15 years! I may know a thing or two about knees, but I think it’s safe to say that he knows a lot more than I do!

I think I know a fair amount, but I also know I still have a lot to learn. So do you – get cracking!

One thing that I really liked about Adam’s article was the fact that just because he doesn’t consider someone an “expert” yet, doesn’t mean they don’t have the skills or abilities necessary to become one. Generally it’s more a matter of their age than their knowledge base or talent level. In other words I may know a lot for a 28 year old, but my age precludes me from being on the same level as a 38 year old who knew the same things I did at 28. 10 years is a big difference, especially if you keep learning!

But, I digress. This article is a solid contribution to the Lift Strong project, and don’t forget that all the proceeds from Lift Strong go the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Do your part and purchase a copy today!

Stay strong

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