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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Incorporating Z-Health Principles

Many people have asked how I’m incorporating the Z-Health principles into my programming, so I thought I’d write-up a blog post to layout how it currently looks.

My goal is to get through the R-phase protocol between 3 and 4 times per week. This can be time-consuming, so I think I’ve figured out a way to break it up and still get maximum benefit.

After approximately 6-8 weeks of total body, fat loss based training, I’ve switched back to my more conventional upper-lower split. Here’s how my warm-ups look on a lower body day:

Activation/Static Stretching

Rectus Femoris Stretch, 30 sec. each
Glute Bridge, 10 reps
Piriformis stretch, 30 sec. each
Side-Lying Clams, 10 reps each

Nothing Earth shattering here; just trying to loosen up my chronically tighter muscles and get the right ones firing.


Talar Mobs
Lateral Ankle Tilts
Ankle Circles
CKC Knee Circles
OKC Knee Circles
Rehab Hip Circles

I throw the Z-Health R-Phase drills in here so I can get some isolated joint mobility and to make sure everything is moving the way I’d like. I liken the R-Phase drills to “micro mobility” while the M2 stuff is more “macro mobility.” This isolatedàintegrated approach seems to work well for me.

Finally, I may throw some Z in after everything else, especially if I feel something is off in the T-spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, etc. This is done totally by feel.

Magnificent Mobility Drills

Knee Hugs
Pull-Back Butt Kicks
Single Leg RDL
Back Lunge w/Twist
Walking Spidermen
Lateral Lunges

From that point I’m thoroughly warmed up and ready to rock. It takes 12-15 minutes, depending on how focused I am at the outset.

Stay tuned for Part II where I’ll describe my upper-body warm-up.

Mike Robertson

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