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Monday, July 9, 2007

Front Squat Weak-Point: The Wrists

I'm trying to incorporate some front squats into my
routine. The good news is they seem to be a godsend for the knees. The bad news is my wrists are starting to bark at the position I've got them in to
support the bar on my shoulders.

Any hints? Maybe/probably I'm doing it wrong? Any specialty bar out there
I should consider?

The biggest issue with the clean-grip front squat is the wrist positioning.
If you have Inside-Out, be sure to focus on the front squat wrist mobility
drill as often as possible to improve specific mobility in that area.

Static stretching of the forearms can help as well, so try this stretch out.
Extend your arm in front of you with your fingers/wrist extended and
pointing straight up. Use the fingers of the off hand to pull your fingers
back towards your face. This should stretch your wrist flexors.

Finally, most people try to start off doing a ton of reps with the front
squat and that's not a great idea. In other words, 3x10 is murder on your
wrist if you aren't ready for it! Keep the same load, but invert the
sets/reps to take the stress off the wrists. I don't like doing much more
than 3-5 reps in the front squat (or most exercises, for that matter) ;)

Hope that helps!

Mike Robertson

What are the six things you MUST do and the one thing you should NEVER do before you get under the bar or take the field to achieve a personal record performance?

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