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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random updates

It's been an interesting week overall. For the last 3 days I've been doing some fill-in duties at the local high school; they wanted someone to come in and do a mini-course on strength training, so that's been fun. I've been trying to convince the kids that this is stuff they can use the rest of their lives, and they seem to be really enjoying it. I also forget how easy it is to teach a newbie/blank slate to lift weights, versus re-programming someone who has been taught incorrectly.

The gym is progressing as we speak. There's a rumor on the street that the bathroom/shower buildout will be completed soon, so that means we might even be able to start moving in this weekend! That would be really cool, as I'm ready to get this thing up and running ASAP. In the interim Bill and I have been working hard on the website, and I've had a recent surge of article ideas I've been trying to wrap up. Luckily for me, when inspiration hits it doesn't take too long to flesh things out. Be on the lookout for new material from me on T-Nation, Elite, and even Muscle with Attitude.

I had some good friends in town from Nashville and Ft. Wayne this weekend, so it was great to re-connect and spend time with them. I feel like overall I'm much more "balanced" now than a few months ago - like I have a greater perspective on the big picture and life itself. I know, very philosophical for a meathead like myself ;) I guess I just feel like I'm in a good place right now - mentally, physically and spiritiually.

We'll see if that "balance" can stick around once the gyms opens!

Stay strong

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