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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Q&A: Psoas Activation

Thank you for the opportunity to submit questions for your blog. After reading your latest article on T-Nation I had a question regarding activation of the psoas. You wrote...

"To properly activate the psoas as a hip flexor, the hip must be above 90 degrees. In other words, the knee must be above the hip. I like to start my clients out on a low box where it's a more isolated contraction. Think about staying tight and tall and driving via the hip. If you lean back or forward to create the movement, you're not doing it correctly."

It wasn't clear to me what to do however. Are you driving with the hip to a standing position, just rising off the box or just sitting there? How far apart should the feet be, etc. ? In the standing progression again what are you doing...just standing there? Also, how would you determine if the psoas are activating or functioning within normal parameters?

Thanks again. I hope these inquiries are not too elementary. Nice article by the way.

Take care. -Javier

Here's what I posted in the article discussion:

Sit on the low box with both feet flat on the ground. In the starting position, your hips should be below your knees.

From here, stay tall/brace the core, and then flex the hip to lift your foot up off the ground. Perform 5 reps of 5 second holds. Perform on both sides, and focus on any assymetries.

The standing version is the same - except you're standing so you have to brace the core even hard, and stay tall/tight through the opposite hip.

Hope that helps.


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