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Monday, June 25, 2007

Bulletproof Knees: Reviewed


This manual is seriously awesome. I'm really interested in anatomy of the human body and how you explained the lower body was really easy to understand and interesting. You answered a lot of questions for me regarding ankle mobility because I would always do various searches on google and T-Nation because I noticed the back of my ankles would be a bit painful with certain movements, and your mobility drills helped me a lot.

Not only that, but I always had a slight pain in my lower right knee (below patella it would seem), and your ankle mobility drills have substantially improved this, and I don't get any pain from doing pistols and such. My hip mobility was always on par thanks to MM, so I guess the ankle mobility was the weak link.

Two quick things I also found interesting:

1), I would always feel a bit tight in my hamstrings after an intense resistance workout, so I would always focus static stretching my hams a bit more. This never seemed to make any difference though. Then after focusing on my hip flexors and doing those first 3 static stretches in your manual, and minimizing my hams stretching, my tightness in the hams is really not a problem anymore.

2), the EQI's are awesome! They are very new to me and the first time I could only hold it for 15 seconds (not a surprise after Waterbury's Full Throttle workout haha), but I think the EQI's have also improved my anterior chain streching and tightness of hams.

Again, THANKS! And I know this manual is going to be big help for other rugby players at West Point! Of course, I'll tell them to buy it themselves :P).

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