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Friday, December 29, 2006

I give up!

(This was written about a month ago, FYI)

Well, I was about to give up anyway.

Does anyone realize how hard it is to find jeans for someone that actually trains their legs? I went a few weeks ago and tried on no less than EIGHT pairs of jeans to find ONE that actually fit. When you have a 32-34" waist and a 38" ass or just flat out big thighs, it's going to be difficult, let me tell you.

Have you ever seen an Abercrombie or American Eagle model with jacked legs? Sure, they may be rocking a six-pack, but they aren't trying to rock six plates on a squat or pull.

All I'm saying is that I hope someone, somedays breaks into the fashion industry and makes clothes for people who really ARE jacked, or are TRYING to be jacked. Not clothes 10x too small for people who want to LOOK jacked, but really are anything but.

Stay strong

1 comment:

Karl said...

No kidding! I have pants that fit me in the waist but it seems like they are all too tight in the thighs. Hopefully somebody makes a decent pair of jeans someday.